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Tank Cleaning



Tank Hire

Plant decommissioning

Whether your tank is a 2,000 litre domestic heating fuel tank or a 20,000,000 litre bulk fuel storage tank we can help out with the cleaning and maintenance works required

Our trained and fully accredited staff can safely remove your redundant tank from site, dispose of the tank and its contents in the appropriate manner according with current legislation in force in Scotland and the UK

Have you had your oil storage tanks checked or inspected recently? If not why not contact us now for an inspection ? We can advise then provide routine inspection and maintenance programs to suit your requirements

Our specialised pumping equipment can transfer residues to a distance of 600 metres with a 25 metre vertical lift, while our tanker has a pump capacity of 3000 CFM. Whatever your needs we can supply the appropriate solution

Merkland Tank has developed a particular expertise in the dismantling and safe removal of redundant plant or equipment from difficult and sensitive areas such as fuel depots, oil refineries and other working plant areas.

Why Choose Our Tank Cleaning Services In Scotland?

All works are carried out using our highly trained personnel who adhere to current best practice and legislations. The handling of all hazardous waste is disposed of at approved sites either via our own transport under our our Waste Carriers License and using Special Waste Consignment Notes (SWCN’S).
Our full range of services encompass all aspects of the maintenance involved in liquid storage facilities. This is not just limited to emptying and cleaning but extends to testing , removal and replacement of the tanks and associated items.The service is not just for conventional tanks we also operate within the shipping servicing industry carrying out a full range of decontamination on bilges, tanks and pipework.Our varied and in depth knowledge of the industry has led to tank cleaning contracts at home and abroad, working in continental Europe, on Gibraltar and Cost Rica in Central America. We are proud of our achievements and the quality and delivery of our service.